Forward Together

Forward Together is a movement forged out of a vision to bring companies and professional women together to share best practices and resources internal to one organization with all women, to enable best in class learning across industries. Whether its world class training, top-notch speakers, or excellent facilities, companies have internal resources that, when shared broadly, can be used to benefit and impact significantly more women within our greater community.

The idea for this initiative was sparked by two women at P&G, Irena Kahn and Jessica Leung, who believed that there was a tremendous opportunity in pooling resources between companies to create more and better opportunities for learning and connections amongst all women. After all, the sum is always greater than its individual parts. With the help of Kavitha Pachagounder, the full support and guidance of P&G Women’s Network executive sponsor, Esther Benzie and HR Director Jane Lewis this vision has brought together nine top-tier organizations across industries within the Greater Toronto Area in its founding year, with the purpose of elevating all women in the workplace and progressing forward together.


Forward Together exists to enable women to Live, Learn and Lead to their full potential.



We hope to build deliberate and meaningful connections with external Women's Network corporate partners that will provide the following benefits:
  • Grow organizational capabilities through cross-industry learning
  • Enable women in our organization to reach their career potential
  • Strengthen your Women's Network by learning from other leaders
  • Foster leadership through exposure to female senior management and opportunity to work on an external committee
  • Create quick adoption of great new ideas by enabling large scale participation from partner organizations
  • Be a part of a long-term network of cross-industry peers